Today’s disruption, tomorrow’s transformation

Cloud-connected data and collaboration

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Understanding a world in flux

From the way people work to the way supply chains operate, business has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. Market demand is evolving, too, as climate change, demographic pressures, and shifting consumer priorities create challenges across every industry.

Welcome to the new era of work

The shift to cloud-connected data and processes is empowering seamless collaboration. This new era of working is about data, not documents. Collaboration, not silos. And open and integrated systems. The Autodesk platform is leading this future with a cloud-first evolution in design and make software. Now teams across ecosystems and industries can create together in a way that is exponentially smarter, faster and more impactful.

Cloud-connected data and collaboration 

The Autodesk platform offers three industry clouds for managing your assets and workflows.

Autodesk Forma 

The industry cloud for architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) uniting teams from design to build to operate.

Autodesk Fusion

The industry cloud for manufacturing, connecting everyone throughout the product lifecycle.


Autodesk Flow 

The industry cloud for media and entertainment, bringing together the entire production lifecycle.


The foundation for cloud applications and integrations 

As the foundation of the Autodesk platform, Autodesk Platform Services (APS) provides tools and services that connect workflows across our industry clouds, products, and other solutions. With APS, you can personalize your technology ecosystem to create custom end-to-end workflows.

Autodesk CEO: How can businesses build for uncertainty? Software platforms hold the key.

Successful, digitally mature organizations are built on a foundation of connected people, processes, and data. Autodesk’s Andrew Anagnost shows how a cloud-based platform makes it all possible.

Data, automation and insights

Empowering your teams with superior outcomes, connections, collaboration, and creativity.

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Right data to the right people at the right time. Collaborate with ease in a tech-everywhere world. 

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Free up teams to innovate and create faster. Bring organization to data to automate and streamline processes.

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Detect risks. Solve problems. Predict outcomes. Unlock insights using visualization tools to know more and do better.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the Autodesk Platform?

The Autodesk Platform—consisting of industry clouds and a set of common, cloud-based services—will provide a single environment that connects the tools, data, and capabilities you and your partners need at every phase of a project.

What are industry clouds?

Industry clouds will comprise products that connect processes and streamline workflows in that industry, offering capabilities that span the full lifecycle of a project.

  • Autodesk Fusion: Our industry cloud for manufacturing will connect your data and people, delivering next-generation workflows across the entire product development lifecycle, from top floor to shop floor, throughout your organization and ecosystem. 

  • Autodesk Flow: Our industry cloud for media and entertainment will connect your workflows, data, and teams across the entire production lifecycle from earliest concept to final delivery.

  • Autodesk Forma: Our industry cloud for architecture, engineering, construction, and operations will unify building information modeling (BIM) workflows across the teams that design, build, and operate in the built environment, enabling data to flow seamlessly throughout project phases, stakeholders, and asset types. 

What is Autodesk Platform Services?

Autodesk Platform Services (APS) , formerly Forge, is a set of evolving APIs and services to help you customize solutions, create innovative workflows, and integrate other tools and data with our platform. APS also offers an app marketplace of prebuilt solutions that help you quickly connect gaps and a central cloud-information model that streamlines how teams create and share project data.

How will the Autodesk Platform support changing business needs?

Businesses are experiencing an environment of increasingly distributed teams. Disconnected workflows and siloed data are common problems that cross industry lines. The Autodesk Platform will let you customize, extend, and connect Autodesk products with other solutions to create end-to-end workflows that meet your business objectives. These end-to-end workflows will connect project data and unlock the insights to ensure you and your stakeholders have the latest information in real time. By connecting the right people to the right data at the right time across entire project lifecycles, you’ll be able to accelerate collaboration and remove friction. And connected data opens future opportunities for automation and artificial intelligence, removing guesswork and manual work and leaving more time to focus on the outcomes that matter most to you. 

How will Autodesk’s cloud-based platform enable your digital transformation?

The Autodesk Platform will enable both digital and industry transformation by reimagining project workflows, simplifying how you access and use our tools, and connecting data across the entire lifecycle of a project to realize its full value. The platform will empower distributed teams to work fluidly across boundaries of projects. With products that are easy to use, learn, and deploy, you can harness project data to generate insights that flow through the entire project lifecycle. By removing barriers to collaboration and bringing data-backed insights to everyday decision making, The Autodesk Platform removes barriers to collaboration and provides data-backed insights, so you can spend less time coordinating processes or predicting outcomes and more time focusing on critical business decisions.

Safe harbor disclaimer

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