Autodesk Forma: Unite your teams, workflows, and data

Autodesk Forma is the industry cloud that will unify workflows across teams that design, build, and operate built environments.

Today's disruption, tomorrow's transformation

The architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) industry is at a tipping point. Demands are increasing, and clients expect more, better, faster—with less risk. Projects are becoming more complex and data-rich, yet tools and processes are becoming increasingly fragmented.

That is why we're building Forma, Autodesk's AECO industry cloud that will unify workflows across teams that design, build, and operate the built environment, allowing data to flow fluidly, so the right details get to the right people.

Autodesk’s vision for Forma

Connect the right data to the right people

Make relevant data available across project phases, stakeholders, and asset types in a controlled yet accessible way.

Iterate quickly with cloud computing

Augment processes with AI-powered simulations, standardized automations, and customizable workflows to more quickly deliver projects.

View project results in real time

Leverage predictive analytics and data-driven insights in real-time to achieve better business and sustainability outcomes.

Arco Architecture Company embraces the promise of Forma (Video: 1:55 min)

The power of data in the cloud

Building information modeling (BIM) must evolve from today's linear development process, with handovers and data loss, to a world of connected software and processes that enable data to generate greater outcomes.

At Autodesk, we have seen how the industry has transformed and adopted new technologies—whether this is the shift from drafting table to AutoCAD, the introduction of Revit, or the extension of BIM to the cloud with Autodesk Construction Cloud. Forma will expand our vision to the entire AECO ecosystem, to bridge software, processes, and teams and ultimately deliver better projects.

See how our customer, Arco Architecture Company, is excited about a future with Forma and cloud-based software.

Platform is shifting the AECO paradigm

Get started today with Autodesk Forma

Architects and urban planners can get started today with the first set of capabilities on Forma. Focused on expanding the BIM process into early planning and design, these cloud-based capabilities provide conceptual design tools, predictive analytics, and design automation, empowering planning and design teams to set solid foundations for their projects.

Available to buy standalone, or as part of the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection