Every aspect of production connected in the cloud

Autodesk Flow will bring people, workflows, and data across the production pipeline together for faster content creation in the cloud.

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Seamless collaboration helps studios scale for the future of production

Visual effects, animation, and games studios face relentless pressure to produce compelling content. Audiences now expect blockbuster visuals in every show they watch and game they play. As projects grow in scope and complexity, the amount of data and teams involved expands too.

We're building Autodesk Flow to unify workflows and data across the production lifecycle, so teams can access and manage their assets wherever and whenever they need them. Harnessing the power of AI, Autodesk Flow will help studios streamline manual processes and unlock new opportunities for innovation and creativity. Powerful visualization tools will transform disorganized data into compelling insights, helping teams identify risks, solve problems, and predict outcomes.

Autodesk's vision for Flow

Collaborate across teams, locations, and studios

Connect teams across the production pipeline to a single source of truth for all assets, versions, and feedback.


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Automate repetitive tasks

Build automation into your pipeline, helping artists eliminate mundane tasks so they can iterate quickly, innovate, and deliver high quality outcomes every time.


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Transform data into compelling insights

Analyze previous projects to unlock insights that drive efficiencies for on-time, on-budget delivery and help secure repeat business in the future.


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Boat scene from Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Image courtesy of Amazon Studios

Workflows in the cloud help production teams deliver magic

With the hit television series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Amazon Studios adopted cloud-based tools and workflows to coordinate all phases of the massively complex international production—and deliver an amazing entertainment experience that drew 25 million viewers to the series premiere. 

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Digital transformation empowers a global remote workforce at Jellyfish Pictures

For acclaimed visual effects studio Jellyfish Pictures, digital transformation means taking the studio to its artists. The company has maintained an ensemble cast of award-winning creatives through unsettled times by extending its cloud investments—to keep hybrid teams together in a cloud-connected studio.

Cloud-connected workflows drive collaboration and creativity at studios