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Waterjet Cutting Software

Specialized tools for waterjet cutting in Autodesk Fusion 360 ensure precise.and accurate results. With features like nesting and path optimization, you can optimize material usage, minimize waste, and enhance manufacturing efficiency.

Waterjet CNC cutting machine

What is a waterjet?

A waterjet, also known as a waterjet cutter, is a machine that uses a high-pressure jet of water to cut or shape various materials. It is a versatile cutting tool used in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, and fabrication.

Waterjet cutting works by pressurizing water and directing it through a small orifice at very high speeds. The pressure is typically generated by a high-pressure pump, which can produce pressures up to 90,000 pounds per square inch (psi) or sometimes even higher.

Waterjet cutting can produce intricate shapes and is used for both straight cuts and complex curves. This is a preferred method for cutting materials that may be too delicate for other processes or where minimal material wastage is desired.

Screenshot of waterjet cutting software

What is waterjet cutting software?

Waterjet cutting software revolutionizes the manufacturing process by granting manufacturers full control over waterjet machines. With CAM software, manufacturers can gain access to powerful tools for directing and regulating waterjet nozzles across multiple axes, ranging from 2D to 5-axis capabilities.

This technology allows the creation of intricate features on a wide range of materials. This includes metals, wood, composites, sheet products, stone, foam, and plastic. The result is the production of high-quality components in large quantities, with exceptional precision and efficiency.


Features of waterjet cutting software

fusion 360 design

Powerful design tools

Whether you're importing existing 2D designs or starting from scratch, the intuitive interface in Fusion 360 allows you to sketch and define complex geometries with ease, along with providing complete control over dimensions, tolerances, and other design parameters, ensuring your designs are accurate and precise.

fusion 360 cam

Integrated CAM capabilities

Maximize efficiency and minimize waste, while saving time and money by fine-tuning feed rates, and cutting speeds to achieve optimal results for different materials and thicknesses.

fusion 360 simulation

Realistic simulation & verfication

Eliminate guesswork and reduce errors with simulation tools in Fusion 360. Visualize and verify the entire waterjet cutting process before execution.


Catch potential issues in the virtual environment to avoid costly mistakes and achieve the highest level of precision in your cuts.  

g code simulator

Seamless G-code generation

Fusion 360 simplifies the process of generating G-code, by automatically generating machine-readable G-code based on your design and toolpath parameters. This seamless integration ensures compatibility with a wide range of waterjet cutting machines and enables smooth communication between the software and the hardware.

Nesting in Fusion 360

Nesting and fabrication

The Fusion 360 Nesting and Fabrication Extension optimizes material usage by arranging multiple parts on a single sheet of material, helping to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

Benefits of waterjet cutting software

Accuracy within waterjet cutting metal


Waterjet cutting can achieve high levels of accuracy with profile tolerances of ±0.1mm. This accuracy means waterjet cutting can match the stringent standards for automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and more.


waterjet cutting quality


Waterjet machining creates high-quality, warp-resistant parts with minimum heat. CAM software controls nozzle pressure, traverse speeds, lead-in/out motions, and more.


Efficiency with waterjet cutting machine


Waterjet machining is efficient because tool nozzles may be swapped to alter kerf thicknesses. This lowers machine downtime and increases flexibility.


Using waterjet cutting software to reduce costs

Cost reduction

Waterjet software's nesting tools enable batch manufacturing. Automated layering streamlines CAM programming, reducing human error. It reduces waste, boosts output, and cuts labor expenses.


What are the different types of waterjet cutters?

Waterjet machines come in many varieties. These are classified by material size. Some waterjet cutters have specialized abrasives and nozzles for certain materials.

Water-only cutting

Water-only cutting

As the name suggests, water-only cutting use high-pressure without abrasive. While these waterjet cutters can lack the power to cut through certain metals, they are a solid option for materials like foam, rubber, plastics, wood, softer composites, and several other materials.


Abrasive waterjet cutting machines


Abrasive waterjets are best suited to cutting through harder materials. They use pressurized water mixed combined with abrasive media to provide the extra power required for harder metals. The use of different abrasives types and sizes helps produce specific surface finishes.


High pressure waterjet cutting

High pressure

High-pressure waterjet cutting combines abrasive media with water pressures exceeding 50,000 psi. While not every material needs this pressure - this is an ideal choice when processing exotic materials including carbon fiber, ballistic materials, and Nickel-based alloys such as Inconel.


What materials can be cut with waterjet cutting software?


A wide range of organic materials including different types of wood, stone, and ceramics.



A diverse range of metals including different grades of steel, Inconel, Titanium, and Aluminum.



More advanced composites including ballistic materials, plastics, and carbon fiber.



What can you make with waterjet cutting software?

Waterjet cutting is used to cut hard and soft materials precisely. Waterjet cutting doesn't heat the workpiece like other methods. This improves quality, consistency, and compliance. These industries and projects employ waterjet cutting software technology.


Waterjet cutting is used to make a wide range of component parts commonly found in vehicles. This includes interior trim, body panels (in both metals and fiber-glass), exhaust and braking systems, insulation, gaskets, bumpers, and more.


Waterjet cutting is used to make component parts including body parts, cabin panels, custom structural parts, and landing gear. It is also used for processing exotic alloys found in engine components such as turbines and guide vanes.


Waterjet cutting software is frequently used to make parts and components in the medical equipment industry. These include items such as surgical instruments, artificial limbs, braces, prototypes, and orthopedic appliances.

Sheet metal fabrication

Waterjet cutting is used to make sheet metal parts for different industries. Parts are cut to size and specification before being assembled for use in building enclosures, furniture, architectural works, or food and beverage components.

Software for waterjet cutting

Cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software for product design

Gain access to advanced manufacturing functionality

Automate and optimize your nesting processes

Waterjet cutting resources

Learn more about waterjet cutting software with the following resources from Autodesk.

Explore how Autodesk Fusion 360 offers various solutions for 2D cutting, including for waterjet, laser cutter, or plasma table projects.


Get a detailed description of parameters in the waterjet tool reference for Fusion 360.


Learn the steps needed to export a 3D model to .dxf format in Fusion 360, to then use the sketch for CNC routing, plasma cutting, laser cutting, or waterjet cutting.


Waterjet cutting software frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I use waterjet cutting software on a Mac?

Yes, waterjet cutting software like Autodesk Fusion 360 can be run on both PC and Apple Mac hardware.

What kind of materials can waterjet cut through?

A waterjet can cut any type of metal, like aluminum, brass, copper, Titanium, and stainless steel. The most powerful waterjet machines can even cut through diamonds.

What kind of equipment do I need to run waterjet cutting software?

Waterjet cutting machinery is supplied as a complete working solution and contains all of the hardware and consumable elements required. In addition, it is preferable to invest in CAM software that can generate NC machining code to tell the CNC machine what to do.

What is the thickness a waterjet can cut through?

The answer depends on the material being processed. High-pressure waterjet machines can easily cut through hard materials up to 300mm thick. It is worth noting that cutting speed will generally need to reduce as material thickness increases to achieve acceptable levels of quality.

What other types of CNC machines are supported by Autodesk?

Autodesk provides a range of manufacturing software with the ability to generate high-quality NC code that can be used to drive CNC mills and routers. This includes 2-axis, 3-axis, and 5-axis machines, CNC lathes (including multi-tasking machines), mill-turn machines, as well as laser and plasma cutting machines.

How can I find waterjet cutting near me?

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