Find out how the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection streamlines product design, development, factory planning, and optimization.

What is mechanical design?

Mechanical design is the creative process involved in designing products or systems for manufacturing.

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Modern tools for mechanical design engineers

Advanced mechanical design software from Autodesk frees up time, enhances collaboration, and boosts your capacity for innovation. Help your team work more efficiently together, with full insight into the design process to foster new ideas.

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Path to Future of Making campaign: (video: 1:11 min.)

Using Product Design & Manufacturing Collection for mechanical design

Explore more design possibilities faster. Automate repetitive design tasks to save time. Identify and solve production and performance issues before manufacturing. See what can be done in Product Design & Manufacturing Collection from Autodesk.

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Mechanical design workflow

Take a new approach to the mechanical design workflow, where there are fewer barriers to concepting, design, and collaboration. Improve your efficiency with the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

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Benefits of mechanical design software

Use the advanced mechanical design software in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection to bring creative ideas to life and streamline workflows.

  • Users can enhance the design quality using integrated software.

    Enhance design quality

    Design faster and more accurately with integrated software that includes tools for mechanical design, simulation, and toolpath strategies.

  • Increase your productivity using Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

    Increase productivity

    Visualizations give easy insight into areas for improvement and let you to work faster and smarter. Built-in analysis and documentation tools enhance productivity.

  • Product Design & Manufacturing Collection helps to improve collaboration

    Improve collaboration

    Eliminate information silos and let everyone work together seamlessly for improved collaboration, design, creation, and review.

  • Save time and automate tasks using Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

    Save time

    Automate repetitive design tasks including product configuration and redrawing, and spend more time on important work.

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Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

Help your mechanical designers do their best work and drive more efficiency into their workflow.

Relevant software in the collection for mechanical design

Create, modify, model, and document designs faster with the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

Mechanical design resources

  • See how the advanced mechanical design software in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection works together and how each component enhances the design process.

  • Learn how the collection’s 2D and 3D parametric design capabilities let you to quickly create product models.

  • Streamline your design process with the automation capabilities built into the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

Mechanical design frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Product Design & Manufacturing Collection is a robust suite of advanced mechanical design software that includes integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE technology and advanced simulation. The collection also incorporates document management to connect data, processes, and people; analysis and simulation tools; manufacturing and planning tools; and production automation for rapid configuration.

Time is money. That’s why the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection was developed to drive more efficiency into the entire mechanical design process. This advanced mechanical design software suite helps streamline workflow from end to end in product development, so you can spend more time on design innovation and less on busywork.

The Product Design & Manufacturing Collection includes AutoCAD and Inventor. That means you can easily collaborate between 2D and 3D users to create models in minutes and easily handle design changes.

A Product Design & Manufacturing Collection subscription license lets you choose single-user or multi-user access, for an economical way to get the mechanical design software you need. The collection’s flexible term lengths also let you scale up and down to meet changing business needs. Your subscription includes all product maintenance, upgrades, and technical support, so you can be sure your software is protected. You won’t have to manage multiple product licenses and you can download and install the software you want , whenever you like. In this way, you can scale your business as demand dictates.

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