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Solutions for Land Development

Save time and resources by capturing survey data in hours instead of days and provide more intelligent output for export from data extraction.

Featured Resources

  • Drawing of civil engineering super heroes

    Civil Engineers Saving the World

    Many civil engineers are embracing new roles as social and environmental stewards—a new cadre of behind-the-scenes superheroes.

  • Children playing on a slide

    Fun with VR for Sustainability

    Move over SimCity, there’s a new city-building game-an interactive VR experience that simulates the process of sustainable urban planning.

    Image courtesy of Courtesy WSP Opus.

  • Project model showing surrounding context

    Context Modeling, so What?

    Context Modeling builds an enriched, existing conditions project framework. You can analyze and make design decisions early, significantly improving final outcomes.

    Image courtesy of Gensler and DEN

Customer Stories

Model of site development in Medellín, Colombia

Empresa Desarrollo Urbano de Medellín (EDU)

Microscale BIM meets macroscale vision

Planners use BIM to improve safety in landslide-prone areas. EDU considers the micro and macro scales of city planning for Medellín.

Thomas and Hutton site development model

Thomas and Hutton

Site development for building design

With the ability to evaluate sustainable land development scenarios, the team quickly made design changes to evaluate the impact.

Photo courtesy of Horry County Schools.

Photograph of refugee site in Bangladesh


Tackling Tomorrow’s Challenges Today

What if you had to build a city for 600,000 in less than six months right now? This challenge that’s a reality for the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR…

Image courtesy of [credit]

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