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Electronics cooling

See the invisible.
Maximize product performance.

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Simulation for electronics cooling

Electronics used within products are constantly changing and improving, but the need to ensure proper cooling of these components remains key to producing a successful product. The system level packaging of these products is complex and engineers have a difficult task understanding the products operating environment when making design decisions.

So what would you design differently if you had the ability to see the invisible elements, like airflow and heat transfer? Given the superpower to see the invisible elements, you too can make informed design decisions quicker and determine the optimal design solution for your products.

Electronics cooling challenges

Autodesk® CFD gives engineers the ability to see the invisible within their product designs. Applying this capability to electronics cooling challenges delivers amazing results. With the ability to visualize and analyze the airflow and thermal conditions of products, you can optimize the design accordingly. Using CFD Simulation, you can overcome common electronics cooling challenges like the following:

Reduced product size

Increasing performance

Reducing cost

Extending product lifespan

Circuit board optimization

See the invisible

See how Autodesk CFD can give you the ability to see the invisible elements regardless of which CAD system you use. Watch the videos to learn how you can determine the airflow and thermal output of your products during the design process and tackle some of the most common electronics cooling challenges head on.

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Ember 3D printer video

Product packaging size improvement

Watch and learn how to reduce your product size by using CFD simulation during to overcome electronics cooling challenges.

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Graphics card video

Improving product performance

Watch and learn how to improve product performance by visualizing airflow and heat transfer during design with CFD simulation.

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Direct from the industry

Learn how leading companies apply CFD simulation during design to maximize performance and produce a superior product for their customers.

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Ken Johnson, VP of Engineering

Ken and Kyle from Opto 22 talk about how CFD simulation helped them reduce the size and improve the performance of their new Groov product.

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“Autodesk CFD helps us engineer higher-quality products that are superior to our competition, break down existing design barriers, and define realistic expectations of a product earlier in the design process.”

Shannon Mutschelknaus

Top 5 Electronics Cooling Challenges Solved

Top 5 Electronics Cooling Challenges Solved

Are you producing the optimal design solution for your products? Learn how you can overcome five common electronics cooling design challenges today with this free book.

Conduct a Business Process Assessment

Let our Autodesk team of experts help you identify software tools that can assist you with your electronics cooling challenges. We are here to help you. By scheduling a Business Process Assessment today, we can learn more about your requirements.

Simulation products

Autodesk simulation software can help you overcome your electronics cooling challenges.

Autodesk CFD

Use computational fluid dynamics models to compare design alternatives.