From beginners to professionals, Autodesk has compositing software designed to meet your needs.

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What is compositing software?

Compositing software enables you to  combine visual elements from separate sources and unify them into a new visual element. The purpose of compositing is to either enhance the overall look and feel of a visual element, or to create an illusion that visual elements from multiple sources are in the same scene. The best compositing software will allow you to create truly breathtaking scenes that are out of this world.

©2017 Alcon Entertainment, LLC., Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. Courtesy of Framestore.

Our best-selling compositing software

Compositing features of Flame

  • 3D compositing software - action

    Watch how Flame combines the interactive speed of traditional 2D compositing and powerful 3D visual effects.

  • Node-based compositing - batch

    Batch integrates with the timeline and desktop to combine 2D and 3D elements efficiently and iteratively.

  • Cryptomatte render pass support

    The Cryptomatte data pass allows you to automatically generate a variety of mattes even after the CGI had been rendered.

How is VFX compositing software used?

  • 9th Street Films ignites Flame for high-end VFX on an Indie budget

    9th Street Films shares how a robust Flame-based post-production and finishing pipeline allows his team to produce high-caliber VFX.

    Image courtesy of 9th Street Films

  • Louis Morin on the realities of "Arrival"

    Freelance production VFX supervisor Louis Morin discusses the making of the blockbuster film Arrival and its seamless photorealistic effects, produced using video compositing software.

    Image courtesy of PARAMOUNT PICTURES

  • Cinesite on "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"

    From enchanted clothes horses to flying strudel, Cinesite VFX studio served up a magical dinner party in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    J.K.R. Image courtesy of Cinesite

Start using Flame in under 14 minutes

Want to learn how to use Autodesk Flame video compositing software? Now you can, and in only 14 minutes! From set up to export, and everything in between, this video offers you the basic skills you need to get your quick start as a Flame artist.

Ready for anything with The-Artery

In the fast-paced New York postproduction world you never know what challenges will arise. Every day is different. Every project has a unique set of problems to solve—it’s all just another day in the life of the best of the best visual artists in the world. In this session, founder and director, Vico Sharabani, shares his approach to the creative & the technical, balancing business & art, within a career in Media & Entertainment that touches Automotive, Manufacturing and Architecture.

Image courtesy of The-Artery 'Skyworth' Directed by Eli Sverdlov 

Impossible post-production with Firestorm VFX

Every Flame 3D compositing software artist can do something others would see as 'Impossible'- whether it's super accurate tracking, paint clean up, or coordinating a team of people and tools to finish a perfect episodic program. In this Vision Series presentation, see some of the latest developments in the best compositing software, to automate and enhance your VFX work using AI, and hear about new areas of research for the next tier of machine learning informed creative and technical tools.

Free resources for compositing software

  • AREA is Autodesk's official CG community. Find free tutorials, customer stories, forums, and share your work in the AREA gallery.

  • The Autodesk Flame Learning Channel provides free compositing software tutorials for all levels to help you learn the Autodesk Flame Products.

  • Learn the post production workflow using Flame, including importing, conforming, editing, visual effects, exporting and archiving.

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