Car design software for the automotive industry

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The agile design studio

Alias and VRED have helped our customers navigate challenges and change for decades. The key to success in navigating the challenges and disruptions will always be the people. People are at the core of everything we make, we do, and what you do. People and their creativity will be the key differentiator in this industry more than ever in the past, and it's what people do with the technology that sets them apart.  

See how people are using our software


How Mazda unlocked design creativity

Discover how Mazda brought their KODO design philosophy to life through Alias.

Image courtesy of Mazda Motors


Improved global collaboration at Kia

Read how Kia enabled innovation in design reviews, on a global scale, with the help of VRED and VR collaboration.

Image courtesy of Kia Europe


Re-examining today's vehicle attributes

See how Lucid Motors looked to technology, efficiency, and experience as cornerstones to creating their vehicles, starting with the Lucid Air.

Image courtesy of Lucid Motors

Image courtesy of Kia Europe

Efficient and faster

Autodesk design studio solutions, Alias, VRED and ShotGrid, make innovation efficient and faster, with an ultimate goal of empowering people, connecting processing, and fostering collaboration.

Seamless and unified

With an ecosystem that allows for tapping into open-source material, our seamless and unified technology can accelerate creativity by bringing your tools together to manage your projects, teams, and assets.

Unlocking potential

Whether experienced or new, enterprise or freelance, our users need flexibility and the ability to customize their processes and timelines.  This is why we provide flexible licensing for our solutions, as well as consulting and business development to aid in that customization.

How we help you in the studio

Alias and class-A surfacing

The bridge between CAS and Engineering

  • A single, modeling tool from concept design through to Class A
  • The agility to scale and move teams to meet demand
  • Cost reduction and faster to market with automated tools for rapid iterations 

Democratizing visualization with VRED

Your solution for realtime design visualization, review and collaboration

  • Accessibility to complex visualizations through easy-to-use interfaces on any device
  • Automated processes to save time and deliver better products
  • Customizable and scalable for use throughout your enterprise's digital infrastructure

Project management with ShotGrid

Your connected design studio for faster feedback and streamlined processes

  • Organization of team communication, scheduling, and file management in one cohesive package
  • File sharing, collaboration, and project management for a faster, more agile team
  • Work more efficiently, iterate faster, and innovate with connected products and processes

Solutions for car design

Industrial design software to sketch, concept model, surface, and visualize. Available as Alias Concept, Surface, and AutoStudio.

3D virtual prototyping software for automotive design—available as VRED Design, VRED Professional, and VRED Presenter

A review and production tracking toolset for VFX, games, and animation teams

Solution access

For even more flexibility, Autodesk now introduces Flex licensing for product use.  Flex is a pay-as-you-go pricing model that doesn't commit you to a subscription, but instead, is a token consumption model.  Tokens are purchased for product usage, as and when needed.  Click the title to find out more.

For upskilling your design abilities, Alias Learning Edition will help you advance your skills. With almost every feature available, you can learn fast and create impressive portfolio work. All at no cost.  Click the title to find out more.

For upskilling your visualization abilities, the VRED Learning Edition will help you advance your rendering skills. With only slight restrictions, and practically every feature available, you can learn fast and create impressive portfolio work. All at no cost.  Click the title to find out more.

Computational design

Discover the power and time-saving ability of Dynamo.  Create custom algorithms to process data and generate geometry, reducing pattern creation time from days to just hours, or less.