Trying to decide if moving from 2D to 3D CAD is right for you? In many cases, the best option is a combination of both.

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AutoCAD and Inventor work better together

Design faster and get more from your models by combining the capabilities of AutoCAD and Inventor. Get the flexibility of AutoCAD, including the ability to collaborate with other 2D users. And with Inventor, save time on manual tasks and apply 3D models for downstream use cases.

Why use both 2D and 3D?

Even the simplest part has something to gain from adding 3D CAD to your workflows. In the Essentials of 3D CAD for 2D Users, learn how to cut back on manual effort and get more value from models–from design to the shop floor.

How AutoCAD and Inventor work together

  • Create models from AutoCAD geometry

    You don't have to start from scratch. Import existing DWGTM files into Inventor to create 3D models in minutes.

  • Reuse Inventor models inside AutoCAD

    Do your colleagues, partners, or clients use 2D? You can collaborate in 2D workflows by bringing Inventor data into AutoCAD.

  • Improve efficiency across the development cycle

    Automate modeling tasks, easily handle design changes, optimize performance, and meet manufacturing needs.

See AutoCAD and Inventor in action


    3D tools enable innovative designs

    Matsunaga creates complex custom wheelchairs with Inventor. See how templates helped them efficiently meet market needs with impactful designs.


    Improving efficiency with first all 3D design

    Seibu Electric & Machinery has a reputation for quality ultra-precision and mechatronics technology. See how they’ve expanded into new markets.


    Winning bids with 2D and 3D CAD

    Bosch Rexroth explored engineering applications of 3D designs to win a lucrative Seaway project. See how they reduced lead time and errors throughout development.


    Get Inventor, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, and more—All the professional-grade tools you need for product development and manufacturing planning.


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